You probably look for ways to make your networking more effective in bringing in more clients and connecting you to more influencers. Have you ever thought about writing a book?

You may believe it’s too hard, too expensive to do, and won’t have much effect on your business.

But new publishing developments give you control over your publishing options, from the time you put in to how much you pay per copy. The result is a surprisingly doable task with big rewards for your business.

A Client Connection Tool with Substance

Do you ever collect business cards at a networking meeting?

If you’re an effective networker than I am, you make notes on them. You might arrange to meet for coffee or a follow-up phone call.

But not everyone does all that follow-through. When the perfect referral asks for your services, will they put your name together with what you do?

Now, imagine giving someone a six-by-nine business card, with an enticing cover and pages of engaging text explaining exactly who you are and what you can do for them. In other words, a book.

A Book Carries Authority

People respect a book. They don’t put a book into a drawer and then toss it into the trash months later because they forgot why they got it. They keep it, read it, and—at worst—give it away. A book has a life of its own.

A book carries an assumption that the author has something important to say:

  • A message that lasts
  • Knowledge that readers can refer to again and again
  • Ideas your readers can discuss among themselves.

Your authorship gives authority, and client connections follow.

A Book Influences

In writing a book, you choose the audience and how best to serve them. It might be basic information for beginners or a deeper exploration for your peers.

Because you can fashion different books for different audiences, you can craft the right book for each group, with the right call to action.

  1. Speak to clients and prospects. A car dealership in Canada gave copies of a short book on customer service to each customer who entered the showroom. The book brought people back for a second look and repeat purchases.
  2. Connect with peers and influencers. Your book can generate speaking engagements, power partnerships, and other opportunities for massive downstream client connections.

A Book Is Memorable

When you hand a book to a new acquaintance, you’re giving more of yourself than hours of conversation could provide. And in a book the information is arranged so that it has logic and flow.

An author at a conference was exchanging names with the man sitting next to him just as the event was being called to order. He reached into his briefcase and handed his new acquaintance a copy of his book, and it led to $5,000 in business down the road.

How to Use Your Book for Client Connection

Your book won’t replace your business card. But it can be a low-cost marketing piece for high-value services.

  • Give it to a prospect
  • Mail a copy to someone you’d like to meet
  • Put copies on your speaker’s table
  • Give PDF downloads away as lead magnets from your website
  • Give a copy as a raffle item
  • Put “Author of . . .” in your email signature

Writing a book will help you grow in your professional life and build your authority with both clients and peers. A book is a client connection tool that will help you step out of your small circle onto a bigger stage.

About me

Jan Bear of Bear Web Content is a writer, editor, and book designer who helps people get from idea to published. Email her for a free half-hour consultation to find out if your book will build your business