Writing a book is a monumental project, and if you look at it as a whole, it can be discouraging. It’s easy to think, if it takes years to write and more years to get it published, why bother?

But you can get your book professionally published in under three months, taking less than 10 hours of your time.


The trick is to have a helper familiar with books and publishing, who guides you in what makes the book uniquely yours and attends to the tasks that don’t. You get your ideas out there without the headaches and mistakes of learning publishing from the ground up. Let’s call that helper a book genie.

Plan Your Book

Planning is the key to every book’s success.

The first step is to decide what success means to you. Start by clarifying your goals for the book and why the book matters to you. Answers to these questions save you time, energy, and money.

Next, create an outline for your book. Take the main idea and divide it into subpoints that help explain it.

All this can be done in an hour or two, and your book genie can help you sort through options and develop your outline.

Write Your Book

Some authors spend years or decades finishing a book. A tighter timeline gets the book started working for you right away.

Your book genie reduces your time investment to a few hours by interviewing the book. You and your book genie sit down for a friendly recorded conversation and discuss each point of the outline.

The book genie has the interviews transcribed and edits the text to read like a book, still keeping your voice—conversational, engaging, down to earth.

If you would prefer to write the book yourself, the book genie can give support and guidance (your time investment be greater, and the project will take longer).

Edit the Book

Once you have a manuscript, the book genie takes over:

  • Editing for grammar, spelling, and flow.
  • Checking facts and spellings of special terms and people, places, things.
  • Making sure everything is consistent throughout the book.

At the end, you read the manuscript to make sure it says what you want to say.

Produce Your Manuscript for Publication

Your book’s cover is your single most important piece of marketing. It attracts the right audience, gives a feeling of what the book is about, and assures the reader that the book will be worthwhile to read. The cover invites people to start reading the book.

The interior design is attractive without interfering in the reading experience. Interior design makes a big difference in whether a reader finishes reading the book.

The average person doesn’t know what makes a good book cover or what makes the difference in interior design. So you depend on your book genie to make sure the cover and layout engage readers and keep them reading.

Your book genie also makes sure you have a cover and correctly coded ebook, a popular format you don’t want to omit from your book plan.

Publish Your Book

Self-publishing is the channel if you want your book to go live within three months. It also gives you control over price and format. And when the book is ready, it goes live right away.

At the same time, there are technical details and publishing considerations in any kind of publishing that will make you glad to have a book genie on your side.

Your Book: Do It Now, Get It Done

Your book can make contribution to your business and your life. It’s too important to do badly, and your time is too valuable to do it all yourself. A book genie will save valuable time and give you a professional product that will attract clients and build your reputation.


Jan Bear is a lifelong writer, a persnickety editor, and a supportive book genie. She will shepherd you through every step of the publication process, helping you work toward your goals and, with her power partner Leslie Ann Akin creating your cover design, will give you a book you’ll be proud to show friends, colleagues, clients, and fellow influencers. Find out more about the Book Genie at BearWebContent.com/book-genie.