Lately quite a few people have asked me about what eWomenNetwork is, how I am affiliated, and what we do. I’m excited to share this with you in this months blog. To start off, I am the managing director of eWomenNetwork Vancouver chapter. I bring a community of female small business owners together to network that build communities, referrals networks, and results for their businesses. I’ve been in this position for 2 years, and this September will be the anniversary of the launch of the Vancouver chapter live events.

When I looked around locally I found that we didn’t have any other women’s networking organizations in the area. I watched the eWomenNetwork brand online, and had heard about it from other top influencers in the network community. I really wanted to facilitate a networking group locally that had strong structure. I like the components of the eWomen model. There was an structured agenda for each meeting, the meetings were on a monthly schedule, and a rotation of speakers each month which gave additional value. I enjoyed the women only focus, and that there was a non profit highlighted at each meeting as a way to stay connected to the community and give back.

eWomenNetwork serves other women business owners and entrepreneurs within the US and Canada. Their current mission is to help 1 million women earn 1 million dollars in annual revenue. eWomen is bringing women together through 100 chapters nationwide to give them a platform and resources to grow their businesses. This can happen by things like cultivating local referrals, connecting women with premier partners, and educating women on tools to help them thrive.

We help women with things like systems and strategies, and how to network differently by building relationships instead of being sales first focused. The relationships in our chapters begin to collaborate to help each other meet needs. As a result we see women earn more annual revenue for their businesses, and become more skilled as a professionals.

All women entrepreneurs that are looking to take their businesses to the next level will find a place at our networking group. We are open to all women: either ones that are just starting out, or are looking to expand their current businesses. We love working with women that are looking to find abundance, and have prior experience in other networking groups. We often hear our members say they didn’t find fulfillment in other networking groups, but feel eWomen has provided a space to promote themselves on a larger level. eWomen is for every woman looking to take their businesses to the next level!

What sets eWomenNetwork apart from other networking groups is that we have found a way to bring women together so they feel that they are collaborating instead of competing. Women have reported other groups felt “clique-ish”, but at eWomen they feel that warm and welcomed. Even our guests say they felt like a part of the group at day one. We retain memberships long term due the support levels they get. Our CEO and Founder was member number one. Our corporate office provides advice, tools, and resources which helps our members grow their sales and client base. It can take our local businesses and give them national presence.

We also have a yearly conference that brings women together from all over the United States and Canada to elevate their businesses. It is educational, informational, and inspiring. The content is real life applicable, and we learn tangible tools to integrate into our businesses immediately. Additionally it’s a huge networking platform that allows us to celebrate and recognize each other as women and business owners. We highlight the non profits that eWomen Foundation works with, and our lucky grant recipients that receive awards from the Foundation throughout the year. On top of all that, we get to spend time with our CEO and Founder learning tips and tricks to step into our CEO role, elevating our businesses to influencer level and celebrity status.

There are many benefits to the eWomenNetwork. I have watched businesses in our chapter double their customer base. Our members state that although the professional growth is an asset, the personal development is also a critical component. We have watched women shift, push through blocks and obstacles, and begin to thrive in areas that were once difficult for them. Our nonprofit supports also provides a platform for our members to give back. Supporting others is supporting ourselves, which is a part of value system of eWomen. Since we are a close network of women, we can trust that the referrals are vetted and of high quality.

So consider yourself personally invited to next month’s event! If you are local to the Portland, Oregon metro area come see us at our monthly event. Check out my calendar of events or for more details


About the Author:As an established networking expert and business matchmaker, Brittani Nelson matches entrepreneurs with the power partners and referrals that move their businesses forward. She is passionate about connecting her clients and power partners with the referrals, knowledge, and resources they need to thrive. A perfect match between business and client or business and timely resources creates beneficial relationships and builds a stronger community. Brittani promotes growth through connections.