Before I attend an event I go with my top three power partners in mind that I will be searching for based on my needs. Then I can walk into the room knowing what my goal is, and then set forth to find people to network with.

A great strategy I use is that I try to connect with a business owner that will be attending that meeting ahead of time so I can walk into the room already knowing someone, and typically they will introduce me to at least 3 to 4 other people to connect with.  This is a great strategy for someone who leans towards the shy side or the wallflower. In turn, I will introduce my connection to the people I meet as well. This can open doors to getting private invitations to events and groups that are not searchable online. It’s a win/win for both people involved.

I always walk into the room at the networking event prepared. You should always have a pen, a notebook, or a note app on your phone so you are ready to connect and exchange information. Don’t be afraid to look around the room to see if there are any other first timer’s or people standing around the edges to introduce yourself to, I enjoy bringing them into the fold. It is a great way to welcome people that are new to networking events.

When I am in conversation with people at the event, I will often ask: based off of what I just told you, who in the room do you think could use my services? This helps me look for my top 3 power partners, and if they are not in the room then I can get referral opportunities to expand my network.

It’s a great way to maximize your time to build connections and make sure you are getting successful results at the networking events you attend. This allows me to create contacts and connections that will extend beyond that initial event.


About the Author:As an established networking expert and business matchmaker, Brittani Nelson matches entrepreneurs with the power partners and referrals that move their businesses forward. She is passionate about connecting her clients and power partners with the referrals, knowledge, and resources they need to thrive. A perfect match between business and client or business and timely resources creates beneficial relationships and builds a stronger community. Brittani promotes growth through connections.